Tuesday 29 December 2020

Culverts and Bengal Tigers

I finally got round to finishing off the culvert from Sabotag3d which has been lurking around for ages, and now can be safely stored away in a terrain box till we are all allowed out to play again. 

The early war campaign uses culverts in one game, and I should have purchased two sets, but thought I would check out one before fully committing. They are very nice, and quick and easy to paint. 

Say it with flowers.. It's always springtime when armies clash..   except when it's winter. Of course.

A platoon of Volksgrenadiers plus a FOO (which I don't think is even an option in the support list). In Chain of Command, there is a headquarters of the officer plus 3 rifle grenadiers, a 2 LMG + riflemen squad, and 2 squads of 8 men (inc Junior leaders) equipped with the StG 44 Assault Rifle. 

And how can you do Battle of the Bulge without a Royal Tiger? - The new Rubicon kit was irresistible. This is the base build not yet glued together so I can paint the interior and the track assemblies. 

And after a little bit of work, texturing the armour plate, replacing grab handles with wire, making up a new towing cable and other minor changes. Here it is undercoated and ready for the airbrush. 

Yes, I know I should be painting Flags of War Jacobites, or even Sub-Roman British and Early Saxons, but this won't take long..  :) 


  1. Interesting varied projects, the culvert looks terrific!

  2. Thanks for that, plenty of flock and tufts. And I am the wargames butterfly. I just want to see how the Tiger Ausf B looks in winter camo, and using the inexperienced and short of long-range firepower Volksgrenadiers would be an interesting tactical challenge. Plus, it's iconic. I really do fancy getting a Schwimmwagen and another 251 though. Though the Volksgrenadiers would be very unlikely to have armoured transport.