Friday 11 December 2020

First Dux Britanniarum

So, I was supposed to be painting 1745 Scots..  but someone on the Society of Ancients forum had a bunch of Sub-Roman British metal casts from Gripping Beast for cheap..  and I ended up with a force for the Sub Roman British for Dux Britanniarum (TooFatLardies).

So then Warlord Games had their price reductions, and I had a £5 off 'medal' so it made sense (to a wargamer anyway), to pick up all their early Saxon miniatures (formerly 'Saxon Miniatures'). 

Well - when you have a bunch of new figures, for a new period, and a new(ish to me) set of rules, it would be rude not to paint up some test figures.

Sub-Roman British Leader stand



  1. Lovely figures. Good for you to wander off to piste to another period. The highlanders will look after themselves TIL you are ready for them. It’s a fascinating period.
    I wandered off piste too this week and bought some figures for a period I had been milling over since 1989 if not before.

  2. Inspired work, splendid vignette!

  3. You have done a lovely job on these Dark Ages Brits

  4. Thanks folks, rather enjoyed painting those and learned a few things while doing it.

  5. These have come up very nicely. Well done 👍

  6. These have come up very nicely. Well done 👍