Sunday 3 January 2021

Bye Bye 2020... not much missed

So in keeping with every other Blogger, it is by now traditional to do a bit of a retrospective and a look forward. 2020 was a bit of a bast*rd of a year for most, and I guess I was quite lucky. 

On a personal level, I finished up one contract on the 18 March, which pretty much coincided with the first UK Covid lockdown, and found a new contract starting 1 June. Over that time, most wargamers, furloughed and otherwise, would have been painting figures. Not me. I was embarking on massive home DIY projects. 

We lost one of our old dogs while in lockdown, but that was almost a blessing, he had both of us there for the last months of his life, and he loved it, and we got to spend so much time with him in his last weeks.

Starting my new job in June has been a singular experience. I have never met any of my work colleagues in person, and our company offered everyone the opportunity to work permanently from home. Which I must admit, suits me very well. And so far, so good.

Later in the year we moved my mother from her home of 30 years into sheltered housing, downsizing from a decent sized two bedroom cottage, studio, gallery, workshop, shed and garage, into a one-bedroom flat. Not an experience I would recommend.

On the wargaming front, two games at the club, one with my nephew, and then into lockdown. I thoroughly enjoyed three online 'conventions', Virtual Lard 1-3 and those have been some of my favourite games ever. A suitable variety of rules were played, including Infamy, Infamy, Sharp Practice, Dux Britanniarum, and Chain of Command.

I enjoyed the Dux games so much, and having had the rules and Raiders supplements (plus the card packs) for years without ever playing them, I found myself purchasing some second hand Gripping Beast Sub-Roman British, plus Early Saxons from Warlord Games, (the figures were formerly 'Saxon Miniatures'). I am hopeful I will get some games in with them in 2021, but a lot of painting yet to do to get there.

In the meantime, I have also been part of the Virtual Wargames Club, instituted by Phil Olley, where a bunch of like minded souls, sit around on a Saturday afternoon, (some of us beer in hand), and show off what we have been doing, and solve all the problems of the wargaming world via Zoom.

Looking back at where we were at the start of 2020, I said:

"I do think I should be better at not getting distracted by support options, specifically armour, as I just enjoy building and painting them. Looking at the painting queue, there are currently 11 AFV awaiting paint."

Err.. ok, some of those 11 are still in the paint queue, and I've added a few more to the queue, but on the whole I have got through a fair bit of vehicle painting. 

"For projects, I finished (ha!) my Early War German & French forces, I completed my Soviets, and I am a good way in to the forces for Malaya.

Next steps - finish the Malaya forces (Japanese, and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders). Then kick off the terrain for this campaign. I think I have all the terrain components I need, they just need to be assembled".

Ok, so I did assemble a vast amount of jungle scenery, including a couple of huts and stretches of jungle. And I got a fair way through preparing the two forces, before getting distracted.

"Then there's forces for the forthcoming 'Infamy, Infamy' from the Too Fat Lardies. There's Kickstarters on the way from War & Empire 15mm Dark Ages, plus the Flags of War Hanoverian forces for the 1745."

Ok, so I have lots prepared for Infamy, and even managed to complete the Republican Romans. I managed to paint a decent chunk of the 15mm Vikings, before it became clear there would be no tournament this year. and I made a start on painting the 1745. Much more effort needed here!

"And the various platoons for Chain of Command, Italians, US, Fallschirmjager, US Airborne, British Airborne etc.".

To which can be added the Winter Germans and USMC platoons I purchased this year. No real progress with the CoC forces I am afraid. 

And for 2021... let's see what happens. I hesitate to predict anything these days/ So all the best, and may you have a wonderful New Year.


  1. Happy New Year, Doug! Good luck with all of your projects in 2021.

  2. Happy new year Doug, fingers crossed for this year

  3. Fingers firmly crossed mate, and legs, toes and everything else.