Wednesday 13 February 2019

EW French for CoC in 28mm

I have always fancied doing Early War, when the tanks were less 'big cat', and more 'puny panzer'. The release of the Too Fat Lardies 'Blitzkrieg' book tipped me over the edge; that and a bargain Crusader French Platoon I picked up via Lead Adventure Forum (LAF).

Of course, then I had to add bits and pieces, including some from Warlord, so more to follow, but here's the core platoon plus some supports. I have Early War Germans on order from Black Tree Design, but they still haven't shown up.
I ended up with a surfeit of French officers, I am considering using these as Jump-Off markers!


And I did some minefields and barbed wire emplacements.

Rear View

Medium Mortar crew

Three squads Plus supports

Deadly Hotchkiss 25mm AT

Medium Machine gun and Light Mortar

VB Squad

Squads 1 & 2

Progress Shot
The last one shows how they looked immediately after I brushed on Coat d Arms Brown 'goo'.


  1. Just what I needed to complete the lunch hour here ... some eye candy.

    They look great. Now starting to consider early French in 6mm, especially as BKC IV appears to be in testing.

  2. BKC IV? I haven't even got around to playing BKC III yet. As the BTD Germans haven't arrived, spent last night cleaning flash off Artizan British Airborne for another platoon, and if I am still bored, I have a Soviet platoon in PSC Plastic I can do.

  3. Good work! Crusader minis look great.