Monday 21 January 2019


On the workbench, just keeping things ticking over nicely.

French - a mix of Crusader and Warlord, plus some signs, still early days.
There's a Somua in the background there, which was a fun exercise in airbrushing and now just needs weathering to tone down the garish paint. I also see that Warlord has done a spot of national stereotyping there, I got the command figure with Gauloises and wine bottle.

A mix of officers from Crusader, Warlord and A.N. Other, which I sourced from some FFL figures. Anachronistic? Sure, Lt LeBlanc has always been old-fashioned. The mortar team is Warlord and is more of a colour experiment than anything. 

And here's some more ready for the paintshop after their basic colour, a mix of a tan and a green that I wondered about as it came out the colour of Airfix green plastic, but is actually a very close match for Vallejo Brown Violet.
French Platoon plus some supports.
These will get flesh and equipment colours, then a super shader wash before they get highighted.

A Panhard sits in what will eventually be a minefield, some barbed wire, table clutter, fencing etc.
The Panhard is a relatively cheap support option in Chain of Command, and I suspect will see plenty of game time. I'm also building up some basic bits and pieces like stretches of barbed wire, emplacements, minefields and so on.

Annoyingly, I can't find the packet of barbed wire I bought some time back. I am assuming it will turn up and I can just claim it's very fine wire until I either get to a show and replace it, or it shows up in the many and varied boxes I have in the shed.

All the terrain pieces will get a going over with the grouting mix, some sand and white glue, painting with home paint samples, and a light flocking.

You can't beat a good bunker, leastways, not without a flamethrower, or engineers.. 
Finally - two bunkers, guns sourced from sprue and the spare barrels in the PSC 28mm Russian guns pack, which may no longer be available. Bunkers themselves are expanded polystyrene cut with a bread knife, then grouted and painted. They'll do..

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