Friday 4 January 2019

Looking Both Ways 2018

2018? Better than 2017.

I started a new job, which keeps me out of mischief, but does allow me access to a University library.. hey ho!

Not that I have made much time for study. In fact I have barely found time for any reading this year. I ploughed through a couple of fairly lightweight WW2 histories, but I spend so much time reading and writing in my job, it's easier to paint or watch a movie when I get home.

So purchases this year, by my standards, have been fairly limited. I have kept my focus to two major projects, Sharp Practice 2 forces for the American War of Independence, and Chain of Command forces for WW2.

I have also managed to set up and run a large multi-player AWI game at the club, using some of my collection of painted figs with contributions from Dale, the club chairman. I have also managed to play a couple of games of Chan of Command at the club, which were very well receive, and even 'What a Tanker'. So it's been a pretty Lardie sort of a year. 

In terms of what I have got painted, I am actually pretty pleased. My AWI collection has moved along a little bit. There are enough forces to run a decent SP2 game, and I have a number of other units nearing completion. For Chain of Command, I finished off the Desert War stuff, and finished platoons for British/Commonwealth & Heer for North West Europe, plus a range of support options.

Pleasingly, I also got my finger out, and actually finished some terrain pieces. So I now have enough AWI buildings, and I am starting on some other pieces. I have also completed a few NWE buildings for WW2, some jump off points and some other pieces like walls, fences, entrenchments and so on.

Finally, the items in store arrived in July. It's great to have my books again, but because of th difficulty in packing and the very short timeframe, I left most of my actual painted stuff with a friend. So far, one army has been sent over, but I got slugged with a massive customs bill to do so. Other ways and means must be found...

So what's in store for 2019? -
Firstly - a folding table top extension for the dining room table to take it up to about 6 x 4 (that's 180 x 120 cm for the decimally minded). That is going to have to wait until the Shed roof is properly resealed. The damp in there will rot MDF left unsealed.

Having purchased the Chain of Command Blitzkrieg book, I have the figures now to do a 1940 French force plus supports, and their German opponents. They look to be both interesting forces. I also dug out my old PSC Plastic Soviets, and they should be relatively quick to put on the table, making good opponents for my later war Germans as well as 'Blitzkrieg' Germans repurposed for Barbarossa. I also ordered a bunch of Warlord resin vehicles while they were having their Christmas 'free postage & 50% off the second resin vehicle sale'.

I also intend to really get stuck into making terrain. At the moment, a mat, buildings and a few feature pieces are about the extent of my terrain efforts. It's good enough for the club where i can borrow club terrain, but I would really like to have a home option. So that means, trees, hedges/fences, walls, roads and so on. I have MDF, a Jigsaw, and plenty PVA glue...

I also would like to paint another ancients army, and get a few more of the AWI units finished.

I took advantage of the Warlord offers during the year and scalped some absolute bargains on their plastic renaissance sets, at one stage, 12 infantry sprues for £1 each, and similar if not quite as stunning bargains on their mounted. I am not to sure what this might be in it's final incarnation, but perhaps something like Swedish. We shall see. That would be a bonus.

Finally, I still have the Lion Rampant Scots to think about. And it would definitely be faster to finish than the Swedes...

Priorities then:
1. WW2 - 1940 French in 28mm
2. WW2 - 1940-41 German in 28mm
3. Attalid Pergamene in 15mm for DBMM
4. WW2 - 1941 Russian in 28mm
5. Scots Medieval (1388) forces for Lion Rampant
6. Additional units for AWI Sharp Practice, Continental Line, Colonial Militia, Loyalists and some mounted. 
=1 - 5 . Terrain (non-period specific, so woods, fields, hedges, stone-walls, dirt roads primarily)

If I get past the first 4, I will be pleased, especially if the terrain making works out...   we shall see.

So all the best with your 2019 projects everyone.

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  1. I would be pleased to get past the first item on wither my 2017 list or the current list. The new job here has seen a second doubling of workload and while I am really enjoying it, at the same time, it makes inertia in the evenings when I get home attractive!

    I look forward to the photos of the projects as you move forward.