Friday 4 January 2019

Looking Both Ways - Addendum

Or it could also be titled..  'Oops I did it again..'  - Northstar and Warlord both had their post Christmas sales, I can never resist a bargain.

So now I have the figures for a British Airborne Platoon from Artizan, as well as some Early War supports. I suspect that means I will need to purchase additional Airborne supports as well..  though I did pick up a 6lb AT gun cheap from Warlord, in the recesses of my brain I have in mind the airborne version was quite different.

Ah well.

And with all the planned terrain production, I am going to be grabbing some wire, to add to the rubberised horsehair I bought online, and get building.


  1. The lead (plastic?) mountain grows!

  2. Ahhh.. but I am painting my way through it. What is a problem is when I spot a 'bargain' at a bring & buy, let's say a squad of 28mm USMC. They may be a bargain, but now I need new terrain, the rest of their platoon, their opponents and a whole bunch of supports..