Thursday 17 January 2019

Sample British Airborne

As I noted before, I picked up a bag of British paratroop PIATS (8) in a bag at a Bring & Buy.. it's take some time, but finally tracked down the manufacturer, 'Renegade Miniatures' - who sadly seem to be on hiatus at the moment. I reckon they are the nicest Airborne minis I have seen, but sadly incompatible with the Artizan ones I have.  Here's how they turned out.

I'm really happy with these, but now.. do I sell these and get Artizan PIATS, or do I sell the Artizan, and look  for the OOP Renegade Minis...

Size comparison

L-R - Crusader French, Renegade Para x 2, Artizan Para, Warlord German
As you can see, they are considerably bigger and chunkier than the others.


  1. Tough call ... really nice figures hard to come by vs full range but not so nice.

    Take the wargamer's solution - do both. Buy the Artizan PIAT teams while searching for OOP Renegade. When you have enough Renegade, then flog all the Artizan.

    Simple really!

  2. I suspect that's what will happen.. :)