Tuesday 11 December 2018

Work in Progress - 28mm WW2

Over the last year or two, I have been playing a variety of games. In Canberra, I largely played 15mm Ancients using DBA or DBMM. There were occasional forays into esoterica with Full Thust, Aeronef, DBSA, AK47, Shipwreck or Ganesha, but ancients was bread and butter.

I did start collecting 20mm (1/72) to play Chain of Command, but couldn't get any of the locals to give it a try. I think there were a couple of reasons for that; firstly, earlier experiments with TooFatLardies rules had left an unpleasant aftertaste (ooh err, missus..), and no-one
with experience to ease us into it.

Over the last two years I've been picking up more and more 1/56 vehicles, and gradually, more and more troops. I now have German and Commonwealth forces suitable for the Desert, and a decent number of Later War German and Commonwealth forces either for Italy or '44. The last few are getting a lick of paint this week, as I have committed to organising a game this weekend.

Reinforcements! Plus some stray German Paratroopers

A British squad and some engineers

What's this? An ARP Warden?

Late last year, I purchased the Warlord Games Home Guard set, intending to paint them for my father's Christmas Present. When he died suddenly, they were left hanging around, so I have started painting them, he would have smiled. 

I am also trying a slightly different technique with this lot. I am painting most of the base colours, then splodging them all with Coat d' Armes brown sticky stuff, (Super Shader). Afterwards I spray matt varnish, then go back and add highlights. It seems to work fairly well.

The German Paratroops are a squad I picked up at a show Bring and Buy, this always happens. i pick up a bargain, which is never enough to actually play a game with, and end up spending a load more to add in all the others, extras and so on. I did the same with Early War French, although there at least I have three squads, but I thought I also had a pack of the Warlord Games plastic 'Blitzkrieg German Infantry' on the shelf somewhere..   turns out I don't, just loads of Late War stuff. Ah well,maybe I should paint and sell the French?    

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