Saturday 29 December 2018

Catching Up - Part 1

I realised I hadn't actually posted finished pictures of some of my stuff this year. So here's a bit of  a round up of some of it.

A Bridge.. obviously... 

Late War British & Commonwealth

HQ, Officer, Sergeant, Medic & Sniper (the latter two are Warlord Plastic)

Vickers MMG & 3" Mortar.

Squads 2 & 3 (to add to the first one from years ago..)

Late War Heer

HQ & Sniper (now replaced with a funky sniper team, bottom right in above shot)

LMG Teams to bring each squad up to 2 x LMG.

Panzerschreck team on the move

Panzerschreck team firing

Squad in smocks, these get split up to vary the squads

Squad in shirtsleeves
Odds & Ends - Spare PIAT team, and spare German infantry to create a fourth squad if necessary

Finally, not painted, but I am looking for some help to identify the manufacturer, as I only picked up a few at a bring & buy, and I would like to add enough to bring it up to platoon strength for CoC.

Fallschirmjager 1 - Unknown manufacturer(s)

Fallschirmjager 2 - Unknown manufacturer(s)

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