Friday 28 December 2018

Chateau anyone?

Those of you who saw the last post will have seen the appalling unfinished nature of my French buildings, so I have found time in between the Christmas celebrations to try and get a couple more up to a reasonable standard.

Here's the chateau...

Those of you familiar with the original model will notice a lot of minor changes - the roof (now masquerading as lead sheets, and with a sandpaper 'asphalt' walkway with hatches, after all those MGs don't just fly up there...), and dormer windows built out mainly. I rather like it.

And the Cafe Absinthe, added to the ruin in the previous post, I feel like I am getting these done at a reasonable pace. I have a small farmyard and another ruined house to finish. Once those are done, it's on to walls, hedges etc. 

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