Thursday 6 December 2018

It's been a while... but..

There's a reason for this. First of all, I packed up my house for a move..   then some boxes arrived from Australia, and work, and putting up shelves, and organising a new roof for the shed so my figs don't get rained on.

But I haven't been entirely idle. So time for some updates. First of all, there may have been a few purchases.. main ones, building out yet more AWI in 28mm, a few sneaky 15mm WW2,

a Jacobite 1745 Kickstarter,

(Not this guy, he was a door giveaway at Targe a couple of years back I think.) 

filling out my Normandy forces for UK/Commonwealth & German Forces, which may have involved additional vehicles.

as well as some extra squads and supports.. Then there were some 15mm Ancients, planned for Warfare 2019, oops, and I may have accidentally bought some 28mm Early War French. I also picked up a bargain 28mm WW2 USMC squad...  but then I would have to buy Japanese and some more USMC etc.. no..   Oh and buildings for the Medieval period...

Anyway. I would have to do a bit of an audit. I shall think about it.

Painting - got busy and finished a whole bunch of AWI jump off points, civilians and some additional units for Sharp Practice 2. Then a couple more squads for Chain of Command, supports, and vehicles. In between, I finished some terrain for AWI Sharp Practice, and made progress on a whole lot of Normandy buildings. Lots more to do in this space.

The club has been busy - I didn't step back fast enough so now I am secretary. Not so bad when you win awards for 'T in the Park'.

I've run a few games, including one giant multi-player AWI SP2 game based on Le Cedres, 

I thought it went pretty well, and when Charles Grant tells you he really enjoyed it and donates you a box of Hessians.. 

Well, it does give you that warm inner glow doesn't it? 

Though he would really rather be running 7 Years War..

So now the AWI project continues but I am also running some simple Chain of Command games to introduce other local players to the rules.

I fitted in a game of Crusader..  not hugely enthused by the rules, they do seem a bit old school, but after borrowing a copy I did source a Lulu copy for myself. Spectacular in 28mm, but I can't see me doing a lot of 28mm Ancients. We also managed a few fun 'quick and dirty' Airfix Battles games...

All in all, it has just been too hectic. Let's hope next year is paced with a little more leisure and less frenetic activity.


  1. I hear your pain with the hectic lifestyle. Real World (TM) has interrupted my painting queue severely as a result of a work promotion and a doubling for the second time of my workload. As a result I have managed to really only finish about two 1/3000 scale ships this year.

    I have a plan, however, which involves a lower consumption of beer and hopefully a positive (or more correctly, a negative) effect on my waistline as well as assigning Monday night's to left over work, stuff, Tuesday to Thursday to painting, Friday to socializing, Saturday to washing and cleaning and maybe a little reading and Sunday to a full on hobby day.

    Sounds dreadful I know but it is a plan and like any good battle plan, I expect it to last only until the first Tuesday in 2019!

  2. So, like traffic, wargames stuff fills all available space? I should send you a box of lead from the pile...

    1. You could, I suspect it will have to be done carefully and in such a way it doesn't attract a ton of customs duty. And as I am barely playing any 15mm ancients, there doesn't seem much point in sending that. I would like my 28mm Sasanian lead, but I suspect that will have to be brought in by a lead mule :)

  3. Oh goodness that will likely have serious effects on his storage :-)

    1. I will just have to save up for a bigger shed..

    2. Ah the shed ... memories of the UK and bringing stuff in that was cold to warm it up before painting in the hallway (small Ikea painting table fitted in the hall).

      Or Norway when I was still smoking and because of the winter snow, I was permitted to smoke in the pantry which then became both a painting location and as smoky as an opium den. I think that is the reason my 15mm Sumerians have a slightly yellow patina.

  4. If only other people didn't try and use the shed for storing stuff like lawnmowers... and chairs.