Saturday 27 January 2018

North African Infantry - DAK

Well, finally managed to finish some infantry for the North Africa campaign. These are the German elements of Panzer Gruppe Afrika.

I am still not sure whether I should do some more with the bases, or use the Vallejo dust wash. I may try it on a test figure to see how it looks.

38 figures
 This is the HQ & Supports, plus three squads of 10 men including a Light Machine Gun (MG34).

Hans is a bit goggle-eyed, I really need to develop a technique for painting eyes on 28mm figures.


  1. He came out really nice! I don’t even attempt eyes so more power to you, sir. A chum uses Micron pens for the pupils I believe.

  2. Thanks for that, they are a decent wargaming standard I think. And I did subsequently go back and add helmet decals.

    The micron pen sounds like a good idea. I find the biggest problem for me though, is getting the whites in the right spot...