Tuesday 9 January 2018

Painting Tanks

Towards the end of last year I found myself with quite a few vehicles that had been built, and in some cases base coated, but still needing finishing. Working on the Blitzkrieg Miniatures Panzer II sourced from the Perrys gave me the impetus I needed to get cracking on them all. I am going to post a PzII specific post once I load the pictures, but for now, here's the rogue's gallery. I hope you like them.

Churchill and Sherman for North West Europe post D-Day

Big Cat Tiger I & Support Pz III

The tiniest Panzer - well apart from the Pz I - here's no. II

Big Brother - Panzer III

Recce - in the form of a Solido Sdkfz 231, yes I know the aerial is wrong 

How did I end up with 2 Sdkfz 234/2 Puma? 

KV1 & T34 - Zu Rodina Comrades!
And that kept me busy (and amused) for a little while. Now I have to commit to running a game this year at Kirrie, and that means painting some infantry..  will it be Sharp Practice - American War of Independence, or Chain of Command?


  1. Yep the panzer II looks cracking! (well, they all do)

  2. Thanks Guys, I really enjoyed doing these, although the photography is a bit disappointing. The various shades and the weathering effects aren't showing up properly. One of these days I will work on the pics as well.

  3. Great work, Doug. Most impressive :-)

  4. BTW: Your photography is excellent. I put a macro filter on the SLR's lens (it mimics a true macro lens at a fraction of the price), select the automatic closeup setting and then take lots of pics on the theory one of them will be okay. I sometimes even make it work!

  5. Awesome stuff! Currently building a Churchill myself and I love how your's look.

  6. Thanks for all the kind comments guys. I must confess, they may never get used in Chain of Command, especially the bigger tanks, but I do enjoy building these. And the next batch is much more colourful.

  7. The two armored cars look like 234/2 Puma's. The 234/4 had a 75mm on a fixed mount and the Lynx was a recon vehicle derived from the PanzerII. Very nice tanks BTW.

    1. Of course. I must have been very tired when I posted this! Corrected.

  8. Smashing job. I'm especially taken with your Sherman and Churchill combo...very nice