Friday 9 February 2018

Aragonese Code & 8th Army

My email client gave me an interesting view.. I speculated what fishing had to do with anything, or whether the full word was 'codpiece', and some amazing uniform details were to be revealed, rendering all Aragonese figures obsolete overnight...*

* Without the addition of Milliput...

Back to some sensible stuff, and cracking on with the 8th Army to join my DAK figures.

This was a test piece, but the highlights are much too yellow. I want more of a bleached effect.


  1. I would dry-brush with Vallejo Iraqi Sand personally to tone things down and create a bleached look.

  2. I am still waiting my latest Vallejo order, but scored some Tamiya 'Deck Tan' in a local sale. I have mixed a highlight colour with the original Tamiya Desert Yellow, and will use that for highlights. Pics to follow, but I like the look.

  3. And for the sweat stains? Or is or winter in the desert? ☺

    I agree with you, the yellow doesn't look quite right so looking forward to the next pictures.