Wednesday 19 October 2016

Painting Napoleonic French in 6mm

Someone asked me how I did my 6mm painting, and it's also handy for me as a guide, so here's how I paint a base of French Napoleonic infantry. These are the Baccus 6mm 1806 - 1812 French.

This is how they look on the Baccus website...  

And Lovely they are too..    here's my version below.

All colours Vallejo other than the washes..    Now assuming that you are going to highlight, use the sky grey v70.989, otherwise replace the sky grey with ivory v70.918

Undercoat matt black (I use a basic car primer aerosol, couple of thin coats.)
Sleeves and tunic backs and tails - ultramarine v70.839 
Dull red collars, cuffs, other trim (shako cords, shako ttim & epaulettes for Grenadiers etc) and turnbacks  -red v70.926 
Crossbelt left to right - sky grey v70.989

Errr.. Yuck at this stage
Other trim (voltigeurs) yellow - deep yellow v70.915 and deep green v70.970,
Paint main veste, trouser top, inside of turnbacks and shako trim - sky grey v70.989

Still pretty rough eh?
Packs - tan earth, v70.874
Greatcoat rolls - london grey v70.836
Cartridge box, tops of gaiters, top of shako, elites sword scabbard - dark grey v70.994

Back of the Grenadiers - I missed the standard bearers strap. You can just about see the white/red turnbacks 
Muskets - mahogany brown v70.846
Flesh - flat flesh v70.955
Bayonets & Officers sword blade - gunmetal grey v70.863
Shako plate, musket trim, drum barrel, and officers gorget, chinstrap -   old gold v70.878
Company colours - deep green v70.970, skyblue v70.961, bright orange, v70.851, violet v70.960

Skipped a few steps...
The voltigeurs look pretty rough!

Still rough
Ok, at this stage, Provided you used the optional 'white' initially, you could apply a dip or wash, and call them done..   but you are going to highlight aren't you?

Ok, first step -

Black wash over face, shako cords, white habit-veste areas and musket -  Citadel Nuln Oil

Step away from the models..   let the wash dry, it only takes 30 minutes, provided you weren't too heavy-handed with the wash.

Now get a fine brush, and make them pop...

Highlight white areas,just a touch at the bottom of the habit veste, the top of the breeches, and the cross straps, as with the red shako cords, I dab the hanging peces, then use light vertical strokes to create an illusion of braiding, and paint greatcoat roll straps & drum cords using ivory v70.918,
Highlight blue, a dab on elbows and back of coats, and paint flagstaff using mix of v70.839 ultramarine & ivory v70.918
Highlight red, again,, just a dab on cuffs, use slight downward strokes on the grenadier cord to create a 'braided' illusion using dark vermillion v70.947
Highlight yellow using lemon yellow using v70.952
Highlight green using mix of deep green v70.970 & ivory v70.918
Highlight bayonets silver v70.997
Highlight muskets using mix mahogany brown v70.846 & ivory v70.918
Highlight face light flesh v70.928 I paint a v shape down cheeks and chin, then dab the nose.

All done!

Showing rear view

Close up of command strip

Peel off the painting base

Ranked Up on the base (60mm x 30mm)

Other side..
And as they say.. Et Voila!


  1. Fabulousness! Will you be explaining your basing technique too?

    1. Hi - and now updated with basing at :