Tuesday 25 October 2016

Basing Napoleonic French in 6mm

So a quick follow-up to the previous post, a guide to my basing.

First steps.

Using a wedge tipped brush, apply slightly thinned PVA glue, and dip into fine sand. The wedge shape lets me get in between the ranks, then turn the brush flat for maximum coverage. Once the base has been suspended in the sand for a minute or so, remove and tap off sand.

Once dry, (I normally allow about 24 hours), irregularly apply slightly thinned ink wash. Don't worry about making the coverage even, or splashing a little up the legs. Once dry, which should be minutes only, I then paint almost neat PVA onto the stained sand, and dip into some basing flock. I generally use two colours, green first (from Baccus), and then repeat the process with autumn colours,

Finally, I add a couple of grass tufts to the base. I normally use 'Leadbear's Tufts', but in the meantime, MiniNatur Short tufts, early fall.

I've also added the flag (Baccus), touched up the flag edges with v70.930 dark blue, and v70.947 dark vermilion, and then a few squirts of Spray Matt Varnish. All done!


  1. Thanks Doug. Excellentl. The total effect looks great.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll try this.

  3. I know I’m years late, but really enjoyed this whole tutorial. Do you have any pics of a cavalry base?


    1. Hi there, there are a few on the British Napoleonic and ECW pages - try this one: