Tuesday 30 September 2014

Back on my Med (ieval) s

Well, apologies for the bad pun. Been assembling more of the excellent Perry figures. Even splashed a bit of paint around. One thing is obvious though, while I can make the rest work, my 15mm techniques for painting flesh are not going to work.

The colours will eventually be those for Douglas


  1. Base coat, lowlight then highlight.

    Yeah - I keep looking at the Saga and Dux Bellorum stuff and thinking ... nah, need to learn a new painting technique for them.

    Then think ... hmm, maybe it's time I learnt a new painting technique.

    Ah, that feeling that I love ... wargamer ambivalence!

  2. my previous technique was base colour ('Tanned Flesh'), wash with very old Citadel 'Flesh Wash' - then highlight with a much lighter flesh colour. This works well on 15mm, but for 28, I think I need to replace the third highlight stage with blocking back in using tanned flesh, then a highlight colour with similar hues (I tried using the GW Kislev Flesh' but it comes out almost with a greenish hue..) plus potentially a grey wash for chins, painting in eyes, and a touch of dark flesh on the lower lip. The real challenge is to get enough variation without it looking like clown make-up.