Wednesday 24 September 2014

Perry Medieval Mounted

The Perry Medieval rollout continues- started to put together some figures from the Mounted Knights box. I have virtually decided these will actually represent the Scots at the siege of Orleans 1428-29 as the armour is virtually unchanged, and I can use the DBA Wars of the Roses list, plus there are some good illustrations here.

The first covers 'Currours' or 'Prickers, and will be two to a base. I tried to find parts combinations that looked less 'knightly'. The gentleman on the left will be a junior knight, accompanied by a sergeant.

The second - much more 'Knightly' - I intend to do this as Douglas, accompanied by Melvill, but I am also tempted to make the mace carrying noble Bishop Carmichael. There is a huge selection of parts here, I have at least 8 heads, 5 lances and 7 or 8 spare arms left over. 

 Nice figures, though looking at the close-up I need to do some filing :-)    Foot Knights and rank and file to follow.

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