Monday 22 September 2014

Perry Medievals

So we got together, and the War and Peace Games Wars of the Roses special deal looked good. 5 Packs of the Perry Miniatures plastics for $190.

These will end up for me, being used for skirmish games such as 'Lion Rampant' or 'Affray' - and I am also intending to make up a DBA army.

This was the first go at building them up. So far, these are four command figures from the 'Wars of the Roses' infantry, plus a single sprue from the 'Mercenaries' pack. You can make up crossbow, pike command figures and hand-gunners. If I want to put these on the 'standard' 28mm DBA base sizes (60mm frontage) then I won't fit more than three to a base.

From the sprue I managed 6 pikemen (enough for two bases), 3 crossbow (one base), plus 4 handgunners (enough for two bases). For a DBA army, that's five bases from twelve already.

Above, a slightly better lit picture after black undercoat... 


  1. I know, about to splash some black spray undercoat on these, and get the chainmail colours ready... :-)

  2. oo er very nice missus!

    Why not base them on 80mm frontage after all, DBA 3.0 works on base widths? Play them on a 4'x4' surface.

  3. I could do 80mm, but I am assuming that if I ever wanted to play against other 28mm DBA players, then they would be on 60mm frontage. It looks ok with 3 figures per base for infantry.