Monday 24 February 2014

FWC - Army no 5

So after I finished the Pax Arcadians, I thought about the fact that my armies so far are a bit too similar - the bugs apart, the South African Federation, Pax Arcadians and FSE are all pretty much straight 'panzer division' copies.

I had a browse through the lead mountain, and decided to try something a little more sophisticated.

Not any more advanced in many ways than current tech (or something very near-future). Based on infantry with hover/jump packs (look up Martin Jetpack), - target designators (Grumman), adaptive camouflage (BAE & DARPA), walker (exo-skeletons), dropships (ok, the Osprey is about as close as we have at the moment), high quality smart missiles, orbital artillery..   yeah ok...  and excellent tactical comms and awareness for top command and control.

So I also made a throwaway comment online about how fast I could finish some of these guys for an FWC battlegroup.

These guys were undercoated, so tonight they got a drybrush of Chromacryl neutral grey, a wash of Coat d'arms Magic Yellow (walkers):

And Magic Green (infantry) -  this was followed up with white glue and sand for the bases, then a quick dab of Chrome Orange for visors (I intend to highlight this with a gold pen), while the walkers got GW Sunburst Yellow base colours.

Next steps (tomorrow) - black and tin-bitz for weapons... might also try the tin bitz for visors... flesh and flesh wash, sage green for backpacks - I am also thinking a red sienna wash for the sand bases, then ochre dry-brush for that nice 'red planet' feel. The other option is a greyish/green, but I quite like the idea of doing some outrageously coloured bases for the sci-fi stuff.

They still don't have a name yet..  so I will think about that one. They are definitely human(oid) so perhaps a Terran offshoot or new colony. Or maybe I should just paint a Weyland Yutani logo on the walkers and have done with it. I am thinking of NAAS  - New Alba Airborne Services.

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