Sunday 9 February 2014

Day 1 of a lack of discipline

Well, I complained about my lack of discipline this morning, but I got through a bit of painting in between swimming and cleaning up.. So far they have been glued onto bases, undercoated gray, then wet-washed 'Antique-White', dry-brushed 'Arctic White', and arm of service colour strip added.

Turquoise = HQ/Command
Yellow-Green = Recce
Red = Artillery
Blue = Infantry
Orange = Armour
The whole Enchilada, about 3,500 points in FWC terms

Buggies for Recce, FAO and Command units



Infantry and Infantry Support Weapons
I am still considering the basing scheme, and increasingly inclined to a snowy base on ice, so perhaps a light blue tint, then a blue wash and then Bicarb of Soda 'snow' ...  Also having a rummage through my decals for numbering and other items. I think the British armour symbols from GHQ might be worth a look - plus some German armour numbers.

1 comment:

  1. Oh nice. I like the concept of the colour scheme, very interesting.

    And with snow bases your opponents will need to wear sunglasses when playing you.