Monday 17 February 2014

And now with Added!

So in between entertaining, I 'liberated' part of a floor-brush, and located a 0.3mm drill bit for my pin vice..   a dab of super glue and 'voila'!

Really happy with how this looks. I have always been too scared to try this in 6mm, but it is actually really straight forward, and I think it really adds to the look. You can probably also spot that some number decals have been added.

I have decided not to do the pinwash, as I don't want them looking too dirty. So next step is basing. I am going to go for an experimental 'frozen ice' with some snow. Plan is to paint the bases pale grey, wash with blue ink, and then add small snow drifts with bicarbonate of soda.

I will do a test base first tonight, and see how it looks...  watch this space.

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