Thursday 9 January 2014

Now with Added Stowage....

Avid readers of this blog, (ok, just me..) will know I have been gradually building up some 20mm armour to support my Chain of Command forces. So last night, I finally added some stowage that I ordered from Early War Miniatures.

Bear in mind that weathering is yet to happen. So here goes, and the close-ups are unflattering!

EWM Track Sections, jerry cans and tarpaulin

EWM camo net, jerry cans and 'bag'

EWM tarpaulin, track sections, box pickaxe and jerry cans

EWM track sections, camo net, and assorted bags boxes and shovel
EWM camo nets, bags and bundles
EWM camo net and box
 Now on with the weathering. Plenty of dust and mud I think...

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