Sunday 5 January 2014

US & UK Samples

Some of the 1/72 Caesar figures about as done as they ever will be. The closeups do my painting no favours!
US Platoon HQ - Bazooka, Lootenant and Platoon Sergeant

US 1st Squad - Corporal, Fire Team with BAR Team & Rifleman, Fire Team with 8 Riflemen
 (1 extra GI seems to have snuck into this picture...)

UK, 51 HD Lieutenant, and 3 Squad Corporals
The UK figs are samples only, I am really struggling with the colours. The contrast between the webbing and uniform colours in this scale needs to be much more than the originals, and then they can end up being very cartoon.

Anyway; next up, the rest of the UK platoon, and then on to the Germans (2nd Panzer Division).

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