Wednesday 4 December 2013

Bert & Ernie (Or maybe it's Ernst)

For those who have been paying attention, I got back into kit-building with the Esci Churchill, and the Airfix Panther.

So here's some glamour shots...  Bert...

And Ernie - with his little Pal..   1/72 Airfix Panther vs 1/285 GHQ M3 Half track.

Guess which one is a more accurate model, has more detail, and requires less assembly ? Compared to the Esci kit, this is a woefully primitive model. But an hour or so with some modelling putty, zimmerit and stowage, some time in the paint shop.. a couple of figures maybe..   and it should look alright on a wargames table.

And the Caesar US and German sets arrived from Taiwan today...   really great service. All excited now, and all I have to do is sort out what bases I want to use.


  1. And did we mention the rules we were considering?

  2. Chain of Command by TFL.. as I think I mentioned, there are introductory videos on YouTube, and they look very interesting. Basically platoon level + perhaps a gun or a tank or a half-track per side. The Caesar figures are fantastic! never mind old Airfix or Matchbox, these are real little works of art. I just need to sort out what to use to base them. I am tempted by 5c pieces, as this will probably be much less cost than other bases! So Caesar US & Germans have arrived, and I have the Esci and Revell British paras and British infantry on the way from Brissie.. cheap, courtesy of eBay.