Saturday 28 December 2013

20mm WW2 - Hanomags completed

Now only awaiting crew and stowage - the crew are pending paintbrush following some hacking of the Armourfast/HaT German Machinegunners. The stowage is ordered and should arrive soon.

The Armourfast models actually build up very nicely. More than happy with these, and today I have also based up companies of British Infantry (51 HD) and Heer (2nd Arm'd Div.), plus a squad of GI's (2nd Arm'd Div. funnily enough).

Now waiting for the bases to set before undercoating. I reckon undercoat Panzer Grey for the Her without Smocks, a sand colour for the US, and 'mocha' for the Brits.

And I even sorted out my painting table and moved everything where it is supposed to be..  I really need to either invest in, or build a paint rack.

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