Saturday 28 December 2013

New Years Resolutions

Ok, so here goes (and apologies for the somewhat indulgent length). As usual - Last Years resolutions were not kept.. though for me, I did rather well.

What did I resolve in 2012?

I am planning to not make any wargames purchases at all this year - ok, well - that failed...  but expenditure was way down on last year..  so I shall count that as a partial success.

I should actually finalise some of the half-finished projects - let's see how that went...

  • Finish the Sui Chinese for DBMM (required for Cancon in 24 days time..) - YES
  • Complete the bases on my Houstons Ships - YES
  • Finish the WSS British - NO
  • Get paint onto my SAGA Vikings and Scots - NO
  • Complete the Late War 6mm Germans for BKCII - YES. (Except I bought some add ons, so the add-ons are painted but still awaiting basing.)
  • Make up some new terrain - YES, did some hills, rivers, waterways, etc.
  • 15mm Sci-Fi - two forces for Tomorrows War - NO
  • 15mm Modern, finish up the US and Insurgent forces - NO
On the bright side, I completed a few other projects. So in addition to the ones above, I have completed:
  • 15mm DBA Rajput army
  • 15mm DBA Ottoman Turkish army
  • 1/3000 Soviet Fleet + air-power for 'Shipwreck'
  • 6mm BKCII DAK German Battlegroup
  • 6mm BKCII Commonwealth Western Desert Battlegroup 
  • 6mm BKCII North West Europe British/Commonwealth Battlegroup
  • Armoured vehicles for Chain of Command in 1/72 (20mm)
So what's the plan for 2014?

Well, I won't commit to NO wargames purchases, but I have been thinking (again) about the ones I have that wouldn't require too much effort to say 'finished'!

So here's the brief outline of targets for 2014.
  • 1/72 Finish the Chain of Command US, German, British and British Airborne companies
  • 15mm Finish the DBA Hebrews that are already started
  • 1/3000 Finish the Royal Navy for Shipwreck already started
  • 6mm Finish up the BKCII Late War Germans (basing only required)
  • 1/1200 Complete the rest of the Langtons French Napoleonic ships
  • 6mm Complete the WSS for use with Polemos or Maurice
  • 15mm Complete the Moderns (US, Insurgents and AK47 Africans)
  • 15mm Complete the Sci-Fi Nova Alba and Colonial Marine forces
  • 1/3000 Finish up the last couple of WTJ Pre-Dreads (destroyers and a couple of cruisers)
  • 15mm Finish the Splintered Light Picts for DBA
Other stuff that might get attacked: (Unlikely but possible..)
  • 6mm Additional FWC Sci-Fi Battlegroup (mainly walkers and infantry)
  • 6mm Additional 6mm FWC Sci-Fi Battlegroup Pax Arcadia
  • Finish up Japanese Full Thrust fleet
  • Do repairs and updates to UNSC Full Thrust fleet
  • 6mm New Early War French BKCII Battlegroup
  • 6mm New Early War British BKCII Battlegroup 
  • 6mm New Late War US BKCII Battlegroup 
  • 6mm Finish the CWC South Africans
  • 6mm Finish the CWC 1990's Desert British
  • 6mm Finish the CWC 1970-80's British
  • Use existing models to do some CWC Arab-Israeli Battlegroups
  • 28mm SAGA Scots & Vikings
  • 28mm Sasanians
  • 15mm TYW/ECW for DBR
  • 15mm Samurai for DBA
 And of course, there is always the rest of the DBMM lead-pile
  • Alexandrian Macedonians
  • Additional Ottomans to expand the DBA army into a full DBMM army
  • New Kingdom Egyptians
  • Thebans
  • Early Polish
  • Goths/Visigoths
  • Others  - pretty sure there are plenty of others, like DBA Byzantines, etc.
Wheeewwwww..    well, let's see how it looks from the perspective of Christmas 2014.

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  1. You thought my list was long. Good luck to you too sir!