Sunday 8 January 2012

Mr Postman

Well, despite some little dramas with Mr Postman (let's just say they forgot the very important 'delivery' part of being a postal service), yours truly spoilt himself this month. Packages kept trickling in. They will be the last for some time - despite Thomo trying to tempt me with Polemos SPQR from Wargames Vault at $11.10 for the download. I may have to crack and get Tomorrow's War Ok, I did..  - but no more figures for 6 months. I mean it! Stop laughing.

My priority now is to reorganise the 'gimp' room at the back of the garage into a functioning wargames workshop. This means getting rid of most of the cr*p in there currently, and transferring pretty much all the contents of the study into there. It's a huge job. I have been so busy this weekend, I didn't get it together to borrow/hire a trailer, so that's next Saturday blown..
The Collector Edition Board Game, I am hoping this will be one that gets played a lot.

AK47 Redux - Just too much fun not to have. And I have been steadily collecting bits and pieces to use.
A Warrior, BMP1, T55, T72, BRDM A/C all from Skytrex. Very nice models and suitable for AK47 or FoF.

Italeri Diecast Tornado, Skyhawk and Johnny Lightning M1A1 (no 5).
Rebel Minis - very nice figures though some have large chunks of flash. African Militia, African Military, and possibily the start of a Tomorrow's War force, Earth Force and Sahadeen.

Finally, a Bristol F2B - to add to my HitT Mesopotamian Forces.
That's all for a while!

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