Monday 16 January 2012

Houstons Ships Part 2

So I assembled these while watching Jaws...   very maritime, stuck them to tongue depressors and undercoated black. Woke up this morning feeling terrible with a head-cold, so I decided to stay home and warm, and in the meantime, add the deck colour.

So the plan is..  White superstructure, undercoat 'antique white' - blackwash, and highlight with 'arctic white'. The decks are a GW colour 'evander darksun' or some such nonsense, and I will brown ink wash these, then highlight with a very pale cream colour to bring up the decking. The black hulls will get a wet-brush with paynes grey, then a blackwash and finally neutral grey/paynes grey mix 'highlights'.

After that - some rigging. Looking at the diagrams and photographs, these ships still carried a lot of rope! Plus that then gives me somewhere to hang signal flags.

Having started the paint job, the scale differences are becoming quite noticeable. So in order of size in feet.. (from Conways again) - Orion: 245, Thunderer: 285, Dreadnought: 320, Alexandra: 325, Collingwood: 325.

The models however are this size (mm) Orion: 80, Thunderer: 103, Dreadnought: 102, Alexandra: 108, Collingwood: 96.

Using a very rough 300mm per foot, that gives a scale of:
Orion 80:245 -  1/919
Thunderer 103:285  - 1/830
Dreadnought 102:320 - 1/941
Alexandra 108:325 - 1/902
Collingwood 96:325 - 1/1015

I am just going to ignore it..   close enough for Government work...


  1. So, is this an excuse to avoid painting Ayyubids (or however they are spelled)?

  2. Nah.. doing both.. plus a T55, T72, BRDM and BMP1 for Moderns... (AK47 or FoF)