Friday 13 January 2012

Cancon 2012

So Cancon (the biggest Australian wargames convention) is on again in two weeks time. And I foolishly registered and sent off my army list for an army currently about 57 elements short of being painted...   I always do it.  mainly because I procrastinate so much about my painting, that registering to play with an unpainted army is the best way to force myself to deal with the unpainted lead mountain.

Ayyubid Egyptian - for those who wanted to know. I would post a picture but an image of 57 elements of figures glued to DBMM bases and spray painted black wouldn't be very entertaining.  (Thats about 120 15mm figures ... ooh errrr....)

I also tried something different this time. The Mirliton figures have separate shields so I have tacked these to a separate piece of cardboard and I am going to try painitng these before glueing them on.

My list has been approved so I am going to be a busy boy for the next fortnight.... 

And I still haven't decided a) whether to play DBA on the third day and defend my National Championship and ACT/NSW Magister MIlitum shield..   and b) if I do, what army to take!

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  1. How's the painting going? LOL As for DBA use the same army and be a real Ayyubid?