Saturday 14 January 2012


So in between applying Ink washes to 90+ horses, 6 camels etc..  (those never ending Ayyubids..), I read a nice post over on the Too Much Lead (a sentiment I can never agree with..).

So in keeping with the meme, here's my list:

Favourite Wargames period:
Ancients? But principally because there are a couple of sets of rules that I really enjoy playing. And as you can see from my listings.. there is a bit of everything there. Once the Ayyubids are done, I will want to finish up my moderns, and maybe even some 15mm Sci-Fi for FWC or Tomorrow's War.

Favourite Scale:
It's a toss-up between 6mm and 15mm. I think it is about the scale of the game. 15mm for Ancients battles works because ranges on a 6 x 4 table (1800mm x 1200mm for the Imperially challenged) look believable. By the time you get to 1900, weapons ranges mean a scale 15mm tank could fire 8 tables wide. I still use 15mm for small scale games like FoF or AK47, but the bulk of my post 1900 figures are 6mm - and almost all Baccus for foot and GHQ for vehicles.

Favourite Rules:
Love the DBx series. They let me play large scale games without a thousand modifiers and tables. I think people tend to forget the impact on the hobby when DBA was released. I am also a big fan of the BKCII/CWC/FWC series. As you can tell, I am not a rivet counter, quite happy with a good game that doesn't to get into (for me) unnecessary detail.

Favourite Boardgame:
Diplomacy - endless hours of devious backstabbing fun. I also play 'Go'. but not seriously anymore.

Favourite Figure Manufacturer:
15mm - Loving the Mirliton figures, although sometimes it can be challenging when they come in 4 or 5 parts for a cavalryman. Essex - for the completeness of their range, (and some of their later releases are little beauties with much more animation). In 6mm, vehicles is hard to go beyond GHQ, and for pre-WWII - then Baccus is outstanding. 

Favourite Club: 
Don't have one at the moment. If you had asked me six months ago, I would have said 'Canberra Games Society' - but in the last little while, it has become very crowded and very noisy. Nowadays I prefer a quiet game at home, as I have plenty of room.

Favourite Opponent:
Hard one. There are a lot of really genuinely nice guys at our club. When I first arrived in Canberra, I was a very hard-nosed and competitive player. I am hoping I have chilled out a bit under the influence of the locals. Two people I always enjoy playing, win lose or unfinished, are Dave T. (Chook), and a John G.

Favourite Inspiration:
Film -
Waterloo, El Cid, Zulu, Blackhawk Down, The Longest Day, Battle of Britain too many to name really, and they are all there in my DVD Collection. Absolute favourite? - 'Aliens'.

Book -
Too many to name..   everything from SCW 'Days of Hope' to Lord of the Rings.

Art - 
That's easy -  the late Angus McBride, everything from his illustrations for Middle Earth Role Playing to the Osprey Books. A unique talent.

And that's about it for me..  happy gaming

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