Saturday 13 November 2021

Well, that's torn it...

Northstar have a 'Not going to Salute' special - 20% off if you use their discount code..   so of course. 

Who doesn't need a platoon plus supports of US Infantry in greatcoats to do Bulge..  and Foreign Legion to do North Africa 1941, and then there's the ramshackle barn, oh, and oops..  3 of their unit specials plus Grenzers for the Seven Years War...

In the meantime, printing a roadside cross and an additional SdKfz250 to do the Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command Martlet campaign.. in the words of an old friend (whose father was an MG42 gunner in Berlin circa 1945) 'I so excite!!'


  1. You can be sure I will be placing an order.

  2. And it’s Robert Louis Stevenson’s birthday , a great uncle to wargaming!