Sunday 4 April 2021

Painting catch up

Over time, I have picked up all sorts of bits and pieces to add to core platoons for Chain of Command, and these bits and pieces have been hanging around, in some cases for years. So I decided it was time to clear the decks a little and get a few things painted.  

Senior British Officers - BTD

Engineers - BTD?

6lb AT, I think Warlord with Westwind crew? 

Kradschutzen squad - BTD

Kradschutzen and an MG34 on tripod

Perry Italian Tanker on Tamiya 1/48 AB41

More Perry crew on a Rubicon M13/40

Warlord resin?

Blast markers and scatter terrain from Sabotag3d

Leanach (Culloden) cottage by Supreme Littleness

And finished...

My present to me.. it's a thing of great beauty

Oh, and it seems that while in my cups I may have accidentally ordered a 3d printer...  so I can foresee some serious misadventures with that coming up. What's an STL file I wonder...?


  1. Congrats on a well spent weekend, and clearing the decks a little. You will either love the 3D printer, or hate it, but the ease with which it can do a lot of things repetitively is amazing. Think: movement trays, bases, even buildings if you want to go to that extreme.

    1. Hi Anthony, I'm hoping to do a few of the bits and pieces that help dress a table, and maybe some vehicles. Then there are things to improve buildings, like exterior lamps, sign boards, civilian vehicles, lean-tos etc.

      Buildings also appeal... I fancy a bridge and a windmill for a Dutch scene... but then there's things like BEF cavalry carriers, Matilda 1, etc...

  2. Lots of very nice looking additions there. Was just talking to a friend about how once you've put together your core force that's a lot of pleasure in adding all the extras (and painting 5-6 figures is a lot less daunting prospect than 50-60!).

  3. Very true, although in a lot of cases I seem to have tackled it the wrong way round, and had fun making models for support options before painting the basic platoons. Trying to rectify that too, with another 4 platoons prepped and base coated, never mind the other three, not even undercoated yet...

  4. Some fine additions to your collection Doug, not taken the plunge with an airbrush yet but definitely the way forward. As for the 3D printer, I know my limits and I am not even going to go there.

    1. I'm terrified of the 3d printer to be honest, but there are so many bits and pieces I see for sale, that I think, 'surely I could make that myself?'