Monday 12 April 2021

WW2 Japanese Test Paint

It seems like a very long time ago, but I put together a mix of Warlord Games plastic and TAG metal WW2 Japanese for a Malaya campaign using the TooFatLardies Chain of Command Rules. 

Well, what with Covid, all sorts of other things happening in real life, and the usual 'Oh Shiny' distractions, they have been sitting on bases, undercoated, since January 2020. The usual little plastic and metal accusatory gazes have been bothering me for some time, so I have been making gradual progress, trying to do at least one colour a night. 

In the past, I have been guilty of painting with results that were better suited to close up photography (not too close!)  - but I decided these guys were getting a 'table-top' finish with emphasised contrast, and finished up a test figure to check the approach.

The base will have some added 'jungle' foliage using aquarium plant leaves, but I will wait and do that in a single batch at the end of the process. He does look rubbish in the close-ups here, but much, much better 'in the flesh'. 

For those interested, the base colour was laid down with a yellow-green mix - airbrushed Tamiya Dark Yellow with a touch of IJA Green. Strapping etc Vallejo Leather Brown and Russian Uniform, flesh wash GW Seraphim Sepia, then the uniform etc, got a thinned cover of Coat d' Arms Dark Brown super shader, and uniform highlights added in with Tamiya Dark Yellow.  The Russian Uniform was highlighted with Vallejo German Camo Beige, mouth Vallejo 'red'.

The foliage is mixed herbs d Provence, and there's at least another 60 odd of these guys to go.. massive platoon. Supports are TAG flamethowers, snipers, MMG, and I am going to have to scrounge up some crew for a 3d printed 77mm Infantry Gun.  Hopefully these guys will all be finished this week.


  1. Malaya and the Fall of Singapore are one of the periods on my extended "lead pile" list. I figure since I live in Singapore it would be rude not to. But picking a ruleset and basing for it, or rather basing for flexibility is always the big question. I've never played the Lardies Rules, are they worth a look?

    1. Hi Anthony. I am horribly biased, but I find Chain of Command to be very good. It revived my interest in WW2 games after 40 yeas. Games are generally skirmish, at a platoon vs platoon level, with a few supports such as armour, infantry guns, medium machine guns etc. There's a very good series of Malaya game write ups here, that should give you some idea of how the game plays out.

  2. Oh, and this:

    1. Thanks Doug, I shall give both blogs a look and continue my research. The "old guard" that I used to game with regularly in Oz were quite fond of Rapid Fire, but in my absence abroad seem to have drifted into Bolt Action.