Friday 12 March 2021

Did I mention Dwarves/Dwarfs?

Realised I had forgotten to post about finishing these bad boys... 

Sometime last year (Dwarfcember IIRC) - I grabbed a second hand set of Alternative Armies Dwarf Landwehr as a quick fun project to paint. All the cool kids were doing dwarfs so these were my contribution.

Lots of fun to do. And I love the blue/yellow combo.. 


  1. Hi Doug, I've tried to find a more discreet way to contact you but have failed to do so, (sorry) I know the two of you were good friends so I am wondering if you have heard about Thomo?

    1. Hi Anthony, yes I have. Dreadful news. Thanks for making the effort to get in touch. He was best man at my wedding, so it's hit pretty hard.