Monday 1 March 2021

Tanks & Stuff

Over the last little while there have been a ton of pictures of work in progress, but very little of the finished articles. So I have made a concerted effort to get a few of the various projects up to date for my WW2 stuff. So here they are.

US - More Shermans than you can poke a stick at

Late War opponents, I suspect the PzIV J may yet get a whitewash

Early War German armour - 1939 - 1941 (sort of..)

Soviet Steel, the T70 is a 1/48 plastic kit

Japanese armour for Malaya and the Pacific (spot the mistake)

British armour for Malaya 1942, plus some trucks...


  1. all German vehicles until July 1940 were painted in a mic of all over Panzer Grey and 1/3ed Maroon Brown Splodges. MAFV site has some documents showing this. Even their trucks. The change instruction to all over Panzer Grey was issued after the end of the French Campaign.

  2. Yes, except that they had stopped painting the brown colour before the France campaign, so there were enough all grey panzers to justify it. And everyone 'knows' all German Eraly War tanks were grey. They just don't look right to my eye in the grey/brown mix.

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  4. 472. Read your email on groups and thought "didn't I add my 1/43-50 scale AFV and softskin vehicles up?" Yes I did. I have 6 aircraft of which only 3 are assembled and painted. I also have 472 vehicles. This kind of thing can get out of hand you know. I started collecting 1/48 and 1/43-50 die cast when the rule set Battleground WWII came out. That set's last update was in 1998. I have used BG WW2, TRACTICS, Arc of Fire, and Chain of Command with the figures (1647 of those) so have made good use of them. Keep up the good work. You can find some of my models here: