Thursday 28 January 2021

Sub Roman British

I've previously posted a couple of pictures of the work in progress on a force of Sub Roman British for the Too Fat Lardies Dux Britanniarum

The game is based on the ongoing struggle between Saxon incomers against local British leaders circa 500AD. It's designed to be played as a campaign where players take on the characters of the leaders and use raids, battles and other means to carve out their own kingdom, or repel the Saxon invaders. There is also an expansion pack to add in Scots, Irish and raiders. I have had the rules, the expansion packs and the cards to play the game for several years, but never actually played until 2020.

Thanks to the Virtual Lard games days, I have now played a few stand alone games (not a campaign) and thoroughly enjoyed it. And by coincidence, there was a bargain unpainted Gripping Beast Late Roman/SRB army in 28mm offered for sale by a gamer on the Society of Ancients forum. That's one side taken care of. 

Then, just before Christmas, Warlord were offering a 3 for two sale on some of their ranges, and they had taken over what used to be the 'Saxon Miniatures' range of Early Saxons, so 'kerchingg...'  that's snapped up too. In these covid times, I have learned my lesson: do both sides and at least you can play solo.  

I suspect I will want to add in the Scotti and/or the Picts at some stage, so I will just keep an eye out for sales/bargains. In the meantime here is the SRB host arrayed.

Leaders and Elite warriors

The Big Man himself!

Skirmishing archers

The peasant levy

Slightly better warriors

The whole force

I still have a ton of additional SRB Lead, including a Scorpion (catapult), mounted warriors, loads more archers and a ton of spearmen. As a campaign progresses, you can recruit additional forces, but this is the starter army plus an additional leader. 

Now on to the Saxons!


  1. Very nice Doug, dark horse you. Churning out figures by the bucket load😁

    1. Thanks Mr T. And some person was selling wargames foundry picts on eBay for just less than a £ a figure so I snapped them up. I will probably have a ton of spares if anyone else wanted to paint picts ;)

  2. Well deserved Doug, I’ve been some more Team Yankee stuff and BelloLudi rules. Not much painting this week

  3. BelloLudi? Never heard of them, must Google them.

  4. Ahh. Presumably the PDF version of Bello Ludi assuming you don't want it sitting on the docks for weeks... :)

  5. Nope hard copy from Caliver 😁

  6. Nice work Doug, they are really looking quite spectacular

  7. Lovely figures, your post should be subtitled Romans in the gloamin!

  8. Beautiful figures here Doug, love the archers!

  9. Thanks all, it was nice to finish something. The Picts arrived so it's tempting, but I think Saxons first.

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