Monday 30 November 2020

Scots Wha Hae

It seemed appropriate on St Andrew's Day to finish off two test pieces for my Jacobite forces. These are perhaps more of a colour palette test. Though I am going to have to replace my Armypainter 'hard leather' colour, as the entire bottle split open when I tried to open it. I also managed to have the Vallejo Military Green come out an entirely different colour when I used it for highlights on the Lowlander's breeches. 

Otherwise, I am happy. They can join the solitary Hanoverian infantryman that so far constitutes my entire painted 1745 force. 

And Flags of War who produce these figures have a current Kickstarter for further figures including Bagot's Hussars and artillery pieces and crews. If you sign up to the Kickstarter you can get the already produced packs at the reduced Kickstarter prices, so it's a really good deal, and an opportunity to add soem lovely figures to your forces.

So here they are, Hamish and Rab. I'll finish off the basing in one go once the rest are painted.

And as I am starting to get into painting these, keep an eye on Stiu's blog for updates on how his Government forces are progressing.


  1. Replies
    1. Thankyou! Now all I have to do is replicate those about 100 times...

  2. Very nice, Doug, even with the paint incidents. One of our twins managed to squirt a great gob of Vallejo paint all over himself when the nozzle had dried shut. The teenager solution was, of course, to squeeze the bottle, hard!

    1. Oh dear. I managed to do that with a Vallejo royal blue that I needed to do the final detail on two fully rigged Langtons ships. The top popped off entirely, accompanied by a veritable fountain of bright blue paint. I could have cried.