Wednesday 25 November 2020

Some Barricades - clearing the workbench

 Over time, besides major projects I have succumbed to occasional temptation, such as carts and small resin scenery items, these tend to get assembled (if required), undercoated, and then they are just a little too dull or low priority, and so they hang around for ever. 

Time to clear a little space, so I slapped paint on some barricades and a broken down cart from Alternative Armies.

These will do nicely for barricades for pretty much 1630 - 1950. And the cart from 1630- 1900 I guess. I wanted the barricades primarily for civilian defences in WW2, but I suspect they will see use in AWI, and possibly even the Jacobite period. The castings are nice, as I usually expect to have to fill at least a few holes in resin casts, but these ones I decided it wasn't necessary.

Not hugely exciting, but another space cleared in the lead(resin) pile. I really must start putting new pieces into a scenic context, not just snapping away on the very tatty old cutting mat.


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  1. I have been thinking much the same thing, to go through and paint my growing collection of 6mm buildings. Actually getting them all in the one place would be the first challenge so I can see exactly how many of them I actually have. Might also reduce the risk of duplicate purchases when the Plague passes