Saturday 17 October 2020

Scratchbuilding a castle

So Stiu and I are going to do some 1745 gaming. Sounds like fun, and a lot of plaid..  So on Tuesday I casually asked some folk what 28mm Scottish buildings for the period were out there. Not a lot apparently. Anyscale Models do some nice Scottish 'black houses' but in 1/76. So I thought I might as well build something. And this beauty is about 5 minutes from home. 

Claypotts Castle. A classic Scottish 16th Century Z Plan castle. 

So I have some foam core, I have an Australia Post picture tube, the centre from a roll of tinfoil, and some windows from Warbases. How hard can it be?

The crenellated section on the left-hand tower is a spare piece from my Hoka Hey church, pressed into service as this is going to be 'inspired by' rather than a straight copy, and I thought the fighting platform would add interest. All cut by eye and assembled with a glue gun.

And a first coat of thinned Wickes Ready Mix filler, MDF base and a cardboard roof section. 

File down the worst of the first coat, another thin layer of ready mix filler, then rolled with the Greenstuff World small cobblestones roller, and added detail scraped in with a small screwdriver.

Doors etc to be added...

Now waiting for roof tiles, a door, some detailing, and ground work. I am very happy with how this is going so far. 


  1. Terrific model, will you name it Crackpots Castle perchance? What rules will you use? As one who had 40 Warrior Jacobites arrived yesterday I am a tad daunted at the tartan painting looming!!! I bought them as I am currently playing Muskets and Tomahwks on Zoom and I thought the 1745 variant might be a change of scene...

    1. Thanks, I'm going to use it with Sharp Practice. I can see Flora Macdonald having to be transported to a nearby row-boat. I'm hesitating before doing thousand of plaid though. I bought into the lovely Flags of War Kickstarter, and it occurs to me the figures would also do for Dettingen, so there may even be some French somewhere down the line.

  2. Looking good Doug, and a quick motivation to spur on to other tasks.

    I'm looking for ward to seeing it after the roofers have been.

  3. Super model, looking forward to seeing it with the roof finished.

    1. Thanks Tidders. It's been a fun little distraction from some more intense projects. Must go practice painting plaid and checks now..

  4. Splendid looking castle! Lovely texture!
    Best Iain

  5. Thanks chaps. It's always encouraging to get positive feedback. Especially when you can't exactly take this stuff down the club to show off!