Tuesday 27 October 2020

Finishing Things.. seem familiar

Regular readers of this blog (are there any?) will doubtless recognise some of the following. I embarked on a spree some time back of putting together deployment points and civilians, as they are not only an important part of 'Sharp Practice 2' my current ruleset of choice for the American War of Independence, but also provide nice table dressing.

British Jump off point with drummer, two officers and a dead continental infantrymen

British Deployment Point 1.

Unfortunately; as is my butterfly way, I got distracted by 'Oh Shiny' things... again regular readers will doubtless remember many of the 'Oh Shiny' things that intervened, (many of which;, sadly, have subsequently themselves been put into a box, to be finished off 'at some point in the future'.) Part of this was also that I wasn't very happy with how they were turning out. Off to the shed and in a box they went.

Cor, look at the lace on that bloke..

So as is also the way of wargamers, eventually, the dread procrastination led me to reorganise, for the umpteenth time, the storage and packing of my figures. And I rediscovered this lot. Needing only a few licks of the brush to complete, needless to say they have been sitting, awaiting that for the last two months or so. I convinced myself they didn't need a significant repaint, and finally they got the last little bit I needed to do, drums, lace, buttons, etc.  So here they are.

The 'Baron' - British Deployment Point 2. 

The Little Drummer Boy - American Deployment Point 1

Getting Directions - American Deployment Point 2

Townfolk and Farm hands.


British Senior Officer

Highland Sergeant

Another box that can be packed up together with the AWI wagons. Little steps.


  1. These have turned out really well. Each base is full of character, excellent work!

  2. Nice work, really sets the scene.Tip; Don't put things off til tomorrow. Procrastinate today