Monday 19 October 2020

Finished Castle

So not quite six days later. I keep spotting things in the pictures that I didn't see before, but I have decided it's done. No more faffing about. The roof tiles are by Warbases, but I really struggled this time - They just didn't want to lie flat.

I also didn't manage to get all the colours to come out well in the pictures.. but I swear they are there !

A small postern gate.. just in case you need to leave by the back when neighbours come knocking at the front...


  1. Looks really good mate, an impressive table piece.

  2. Terrific piece of work, it will be a brilliant centrepiece to game round on the wargaming table. You’ve done the easy bit, now for the plaid...

  3. Thanks chaps. And this morning lining up my various 1745 references and groaning at all that plaid. Though I do have some Royal Ecossais and some Lowlands.. so maybe not quite as much plaid as there could be..

  4. Great job, lovely castle

    Reminds me of Huntingtower Castle near Perth, which I used to see on my visits to Scotland when I was a wain

  5. Ah, Huntingtower is a lovely castle. This one though is loosely based on Claypotts in Dundee. About 25 miles from Huntingtower as the crow flies...

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray. Having seen yours and others work online it's a challenge I've set myself to upgrade my terrain and how the terrain looks overall. Though this one was more or less a 'why not' kind of moment.