Thursday 4 June 2020

So a funny thing happened...

There was I, minding my own business, reading blogs and stuff, when I came across a post about glue. Exciting stuff, I hear you say. No, really..  anyway, I have glued together a couple of Rubicon kits in the past, and the kits are lovely, but for some reason I had real difficulty with them.

It turns out that unlike every other plastic kit I have built, which has been made from styrene plastics, Rubicon uses an ABS plastic, and the styrene glues like Tamiya and Revell, just don't stick them together properly. Eureka.. this explains everything.

Ok, I had better get myself some ABS glue for my next Rubicon kit, and then Rubicon has some special deals for lockdown, and there's three Shermans, wading gear, a dozer blade and tank crew, all for £65. Well, it would be rude not to try out my new ABS glue.

Absolutely lovely model. I ran into one problem, which was that the main gun mounting was tricky to seat accurately on the turret. I also made two minor modifications, drilling out the lifting rings and cutting down the brushguards on  the lights. I think it makes a big difference. The 50 cal is Rubicon's 'wargames' version with the barrel overscale for durability. They include both a model and a wargames version in the kit.

And now of course, I will have to get myself some US Marines to play with at least one of the Shermans. I can feel an order to 1st Corps coming on.

And thus the madness continues...


  1. I noticed the comments about ABS plastic vs polystyrene last night watching some Wargames Illustrated reviews on YouTube. The reviewer noted that plastic glue would not work.

    How hard would it have been for Rubicon to note on the box somewhere that polystyrene cement would not work and you should use ABS glue or cyanoacrylate glue?

    1. Well, styrene cement does sort of work, after a fashion. It just doesn't create a strong bond. Anyway, very nice kits.