Tuesday 30 June 2020

Infamy, Infamy

If you weren't already aware, (and if you only frequent TMP, you wouldn't be, but that's another story), today saw the release of the Too Fat Lardies new ancients rule-set 'Infamy, Infamy'.

I've become increasingly interested and enthusiastic about this set, and as I had pre-ordered, my PDF copy arrived today. Lovely stuff, and I'm really looking forward to playing a game of this. I enjoy Sharp Practice 2, really love Chain of Command, but this is a step forward again. There are some lovely mechanisms layered on top of some familiar Lardy concepts like shock and 'leaders', such as scouting, screening, deployment/ambush, semi-randomised terrain generation and (gasp!) a points system. (in all fairness, there have always been points in Lardy rules, just well under the bonnet (hood for our US readers).

So all this enthusiasm has seen me order some new figures (not that i need encouragement), and start building some of the additional pieces I will need for the game. I also painted a quick test figure.

Part 1

Victrix test figure, block paint with size 9 brush, add Coat d'Arms Dark Brown super shader, then add highlights. Still have to do the shield with some LBMS transfers, and the back of the shield needs tidying - but this is at major magnification. And about 15 minutes or less for one figure??

Perfectly respectable - though I will go back and drybrush the plume I might even change the colour to black.

Some wolves on Warbases dials that I will use to mark Fervour..

Some village animals that will be repurposed from Sharp Practice to show shock.

Sabot bases ready for the arrival of 1st Corps Germanic Tribesmen.

A couple of suitable buildings, and I will be constructing some more to make a German and a Gallic Village.

Ok, some serious painting required then it's Infamy, Infamy.. they all have it infamy!


  1. Nice work Doug, just found your blog for the first time!!!

  2. Thanks Ray, it keeps me out of mischief, and hopefully some stuff is useful for folk reading it. It's been very tightly focused lately on stuff for Chain of Command and some 15mm ancients, so hopefully the next little while will see some variety.

  3. Looking good Doug, interesting to watch your progress on this.

    Cheers, Ross

  4. Progress has been slow unfortunately, too many family celebrations, Virtual Lard, and sheer exhaustion from work. Hopefully some more painted figures to show soon!