Saturday 2 May 2020

Virtual Wargames Club

I am pretty confident that most wargamers, in the UK at least, will know the name Phil Olley. Well, as we are all still in lockdown and unable to go to club meetings or play face to face. Phil came up with the bright idea of a virtual wargames club;

This morning, thanks to Phil's organisational skills, a bunch of wargamers got together on Zoom. Technical issues aside, (my laptop deciding not to play nicely) it was great to meet a fine bunch of folks from as far afield as Pennsylvania and Michigan, and a pleasant surprise to discover there's a bloke whose wargaming is limited to a cupboard under the stairs, and who lives in the same city as I do. (Hi Martin!)

Introductions took a while, and I'm thinking that if further members join in, as I hope they will, then it might be an idea to have a potted Biography so that much time isn't taken up with introductions.

All sorts of stuff got discussed, what we were up to, beards, Pike and Shot rules, drilling the National Guard in a virtual way, painting and DIY. (Ok, that was just me having a whinge as usual). Although I'm a bit left out, as it seems I am about the only one present without an ImagiNation  - something I shall have to give thought to. Perhaps my Flags of War 1745 figures could proxy. We shall see.

All up it was brilliant to get together and just chat about wargames. I'm hoping it's going to be a regular thing, with a weekly get together online at least till lockdown is over and quite possibly beyond.

Thanks Phil!

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