Thursday 14 May 2020

More 15mm Vikings

These guys have been on the painting table for a week or two, I undercoated and applied the base flesh colour, then just got distracted with the arrival of new figures from the 1745 Flags of War Kickstarter.

So the last two days, in between some plumbing, some paint stripping etc... I managed to get some additional colour down. Now the army is 86 elements in size, and when I counted, I was surprised to find I have painted up 43 so far! Halfway exactly. I reckon I should now split them up into maybe another 4 batches and charge through, and kick off the basing.

So should I start them now or maybe take a break from the Vikings, and do some Hanoverians? 

Anyway, here's the boys. It's interesting, but the camera (Samsung S10) seems to really flatten out the colours. When you look closely; for example at the red cloaks on the generals, you can see there are shadows and highlights there, but the camera has made them almost disappear.




Viking Mounted


  1. Very nice :)

    The FiB figures paint up very well.

    If you can stomach more vikings right now, I'd say go for it and get the army finished!

    1. Thanks Andreas. I reckon a short break to paint some other stuff, then I will do another batch. I could stomach them, but it would be nice to paint something else for variety.

  2. Those are 15mm? I'd have thought 28mm. Puts my efforts to shame! Lovely work.

  3. Very nice work. I'd follow but my preferred method is RSS. Care to switch your feed on? Thanks.

    1. Hi Martin, should be enabled now, top left of each page.