Sunday 24 May 2020

1745 Redcoat Sample Figure

Rather pleased with how this is looking, some further work to be done obviously, with metallic colours, washes and highlights to go. And then a light dusting via the airbrush with a mud spatter, and I reckon they will look the business.

Colours used so far:

White Base - Vallejo Sky Grey 70.989
Boots, hat, scabbards, canteen - Vallejo German Grey 70.995
Facings - Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue 70.899
Flesh Base, Musket Sling, Canteen Strap - Vallejo Red Leather 70.818
Gaiters, hair tieback - Vallejo Basalt Grey 70.869
Hair - Vallejo Flat brown 70.984
Kidskin sack - Vallejo US Field Drab 70.873
Flesh - Vallejo Flat Flesh 70.955
Knapsack - Vallejo Tan Earth 70.874
Musket Wood - Vallejo Mahogany Brown 70.846
Buff Straps - Vallejo Medium Grey 70.987
'5 o'clock' shadow mix of Basalt Grey and Flesh

And now some highlights:

I can see some stuff needing a cleanup, and the airbrushing on this one was too heavy and caused paint bubbling. But it works for me.

White Highlight - Vallejo Ivory 70.918
Blue Highlight - Tamiya Field Blue XF50
Flesh Highlight - Vallejo Basic Skintone 70.812
Musket Highlight - Vallejo Beige Brown 70.875
Gunmetal - Vallejo Gunmetal 70.863
Brass - Vallejo Old Gold 70.878
Black Wash - Citadel Nuln Oil
Brown Wash - Citadel Agrax Earthshade
Flesh Wash - Citadel Reikland Fleshshade


  1. Nice brush work - nice faded red

    1. Thanks Tidders, only another few hundred to go then :-) And after the redcoats for 1745/6 there's the ones for 1779, then the ones for 1808-10. I should be ok with doing red coats by that stage.