Sunday 5 January 2020

Out of Control - and JOP

OK, this is getting silly, I now have 4 vehicles needing weathering, and another dozen of all kinds, awaiting airbrushing. Unfortunately for me, I need the extension cord for my airbrush, and that has been attached to the Christmas Tree lights, so I have been waiting patiently for the time when the Christmas Tree can be taken down. Today! All Christmas packed away.

So this week will be the great airbrushing. My Japanese infantry are all assembled, based and undercoated, and they will be getting airbrushed too. So hopefully this week I will have a big session and get things moving again.

Anyway, to make sure something got done while I couldn't airbrush, I have been working on the Brits for Malaya, and for the Japanese some Jump Off Points. Fairly pleased with how these turned out.

Rolled out Green stuff, spares from the bits box, boxes and drums from Anyscale Models, basil for ground cover, and Christmas Tree off-cuts for jungle plants.

The Christmas Tree we have is an artificial one, and this year, one of the little sub branch thingies dropped off, so I managed to scavenge that to create some greenery for the bases. I am pretty happy with the look of these. The partner, who is a Christmas tragic, is probably quite lucky the tree got put away before I realised the branches could be re-purposed.

Incidentally, one of the AFVs I built recently (today) was the Soviet IS-2 from Warlord Games, in plastic, and my goodness that's a big beast of a tank. Having being building mainly Early War stuff for a while, the size of the gun alone is a shock. But it was 50% off in the manager's special - so along with some plastic Fallschirmjäger, the Fallschirmjäger support pack and the plastic Chi Ha, it was too good an offer to pass up.

All purchased in 2019, as well as a Perry Miniatures 2lb gun that is yet to arrive, so I am still lead/plastic free in 2020!  I will need some green paint, some more basil though!


  1. Great little jump off points! The IS-2 is a beast and a great piece, simple to work on and comes up a treat.

    Best of luck in 2020 with your projects


    1. Thanks Matt, all the best to you for 2020 as well. Hopefully, once the airbrush is up and running, I should be able to knock out the vehicles fairly easily. May your 2020 be happy Nd productive.