Wednesday 1 January 2020

A New Hope

Or a New Year, but I just like the Star Wars reference. I managed to fit in a last minute splurge with Warlord's Bad Santa sale, and the local hobby shop had a 1/56 Soviet BA10 Armoured Car from Rubicon, so it would have been rude not to help them free up the shelf space.

Overall, this year has been pretty productive. I haven't managed to play as many games as I would like, and I have pretty much exclusively played Chain of Command, but I have got a fair amount of painting and terrain building stuff in.

I do think I should be better at not getting distracted by support options, specifically armour, as I just enjoy building and painting them. Looking at the painting queue, there are currently 11 AFV awaiting paint.

For projects, I finished (ha!) my Early War German & French forces, I completed my Soviets, and I am a good way in to the forces for Malaya.

Next steps - finish the Malaya forces (Japanese, and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders). Then kick off the terrain for this campaign. I think I have all the terrain components I need, they just need to be assembled.

Then there's forces for the forthcoming 'Infamy, Infamy' from the Too Fat Lardies. There's Kickstarters on the way from War & Empire 15mm Dark Ages, plus the Flags of War Hanoverian forces for the 1745.

And the various platoons for Chain of Command, Italians, US, Fallschirmjager, US Airborne, British Airborne etc..

But first things first - my main priority is to repair the shed. Not much use painting all this stuff if it ends up under water...

So Happy Hogmanay, 'Lang may yir lum reek' and have a glorious 2020.

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